Some Questions

Hi C,

Thanks for your interest in the class. Unfortunately only one other person responded. So there is no class. I am open to answering any questions you might have in regards to anything the class might have covered (or anything else for that matter). Being abroad would be no restriction. I answered several questions for the other person and haven’t heard from them since. Chuckle. It’s kind of funny how things go.


My conclusion is that metaphysics and spirituality are on the way out for the average person. There still remain some people that actually live the stuff though, like myself.  For me none of this is theory but is daily experience and daily practice.


I can honestly say that  I don’t know where anyone would find more useful and practical information and tips. I’ve done everything the hard way, but I’ve done it. Now I’m in  the process of keeping things to myself and moving on. I am limiting how much I share when people won’t even ask  questions.


So, I would be more than glad to share if you are willing to ask, how can I help you?


Hi Joe,

Forgive me that I answered your kind letter a little late – I was in a business trip overseas.

I cannot really understand the reluctance of people on these matters, because all my life, from may be 5-6 years on, I all wondered the meaning of life (and still does).

I was born to a Muslim family – not so fanatic one – and I started from investigating within that frame first. Shortly I turned out to be atheist for the teenager times.

By time I build some meaning, and suppose that I found, then by time it appears that I couldn’t really, then I build some more, and it repeats again…(But I believe in the process I learn somewhat.)

Sometimes while talking to people, I put some hints in my speech (like you do sometimes), and think that the person will curiously ask me some more on that…but interestingly the person just stops the subject.

Previously  I was feeling that it was a very big wondering I had, but recently it turned out to a feeling of urgency – as if I need to hurry not to miss a big chance or that sort. 

Anyway, I really appreciate that you will answer my questions, and I really have a lot.

I will ask – as I did a few times previously – and hope I don’t give you a burden.

My sincere regards.



Hi Joe,

Related to what you mention as abyss, I found this explanation :

Physicists would describe plasma as ionized gas, whereas a skilled occultist would describe plasma as a hidden plane / dimension between the gaseous and the fourth etheric plane.Plasmatic plane between the physical and etheric is the hidden location where the Archons have concealed most of their darkness and it was their utmost secret.  Plasmatic plane was created as a result of torsion forces between the physical and etheric as a direct consequence of cosmic anomaly when the universe was created and is also called the Abyss. It can be accessed  (not recommended!) through hidden portals that can be found inside sephira daath on the kabalistic tree of life.

There is another plane similar to plasma, but on a much higher octave, between the higher mental (manasic) and the buddhic plane. That plane is called the buddhi-manas membrane and separates realms of Oneness from realms of duality. This membrane was created as a result of torsion forces between the mental and buddhic (intuitional) plane as a direct consequence of cosmic anomaly when the universe was created. This membrane is the first thing that separated us from the Source when we descended into Creation as sparks of conscoiouness long time ago in galactic history.”

What do you say about the writer of these?

He is very knowledgable, but I have doubths about his source and intensions.

Warm regards.


Hi C,

It is interesting that I recently listened to the Koran while at work. It took four days to get through it. I thought that I should at least be familiar with it


In regards to the abyss and what you quoted below.


First I would like to say that what one believes is important. It is important because what we believe acts as a container for astral energies. When sealed tightly it allows the forces inside it to build up and manifest things. A narrow minded person can achieve more than an open minded person because their thoughts are closed off and sealed tightly. So one of the most important things in occultism is a belief system that has no holes in it. Thoughts become emotions and emotions cause us to physically act. This is the general process as the trapped energy builds.


What you describe below seems useless and full of holes to me since I believe differently. Since you have just found this, it means that it is cluttering up your belief system unless it resonates strongly with you. It’s junk! Each person must create their own personal system and it doesn’t matter what it is.


My system, the OAK system, makes use of Dewey Larson’s reciprocal general field theory. He postulates three dimensions of space/time and three dimensions of time/space which are connected by the speed of light. This is useful because it gives a three dimensional physical world which we live in and also gives a three dimensional astral or non-physical world which our astral selves or non-physical awareness can live in.


The OAK system postulates that there is 118 astral layers, one for each element and represents the non-physical aspects of those elements. There are seven possible electron rings in an atom and each completed ring represents a barrier or completion that is difficult to cross. Seven possible electron rings means seven possible abysses or barriers between astral worlds. I call these astral worlds or energies:


Abstract Spiritual energy or world-Concrete Spiritual energy or world (first inner ring consisting of hydrogen and helium.


Abstract Mental energy or world

Concrete Mental energy or world

Upper Emotional energy or world

Lower Emotional energy or world

Etheric Energy or world

Sexual Energy or world


Each electron ring or world contains electrons or sparks of sensory awareness that may be developed. Each spark of sensory awareness gives information of a particular element and belongs to a particular world. When you have all the sparks of sensory awareness in a given electron ring you have complete sensory awareness of that non-physical world.


In my OAK system the great abyss is the complete electron barrier between the first electron ring and the second. It is the barrier between abstract mental thought and intuitive/self evident cosmic consciousness or Christ awareness. In the OTO this is recognized as the death of the human ego (or mental awareness when it is crossed.) In the kabbalah it is the crossing into the archetypal kingdom or sephiroth of Binah. For me it is sensory awareness moving from the astral level of Lithium to that of Helium. There is a barrier that must be crossed.


The sexual plane is the plane that most sounds like a plasma field and is the astral plane closest to the earth. It consists of the outermost electron ring with 32 sparks of sensory awareness possible. This plane and the etheric plane both have 32 sparks of sensory awareness and create highly detailed worlds and highly sensitive astral bodies when developed.


Most humans do not function consciously at the higher or lower levels or planes. Beyond these are magnetic vortexes or “black holes” and “white holes” and beyond them is the photon/electricity at the higher level and our physical and cellular world at the lower end.


So I personally do not recognize any of the material quoted as valid. It doesn’t mix with what I already believe. What is important is how it fits in with what you believe. I hope this is clear?


Traditionally crossing the great abyss is to cross from logic and reason through insanity into a new Christ consciousness that is equally valid or more valid as it is no longer of duality.




Hi Joe,

Thank you for your answer.

I hoped that Koran had been just a bullshit. Some candid Muslims believe that some so-called muslims have a very distorted understanding of Koran. What I believe is, it is the very purpose that it was made written to be understood exactly like this – I mean some to understand that ”wrong”, and some to understand it very naively. What was your interpretetion after listening to Koran?

Your understanding of dimensions are almost same as Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati’s view. They say that total 7 dimensions exist, 3 physical (mathematics being x,y,z co-ordinates), 3 astral (imaginary) (math. being ix,iy,iz imaginary co-ordinates – i is defined as the number its square is minus1) and 7th being zero (center of all coordinates – realm (dimension) of light (and source). 

Still I could not understand the 5th dimension ascension issue on all this definition. Is it ascension to 5th density (not dimension) actually?

I somewhat understood the importance of belief. Actually the reality in the universe being fluid, so that it somewhat  allows manifestations. And what we live in this world is a kind of frozen reality, we are being somehow forced to accept this ”rigidity/strict sequencial being”.

Warm regards.




Hi C,

After listening to the Koran I thought about the differences between it, the Jewish Kabbalah and Christianity. Please understand that mystics and philosophers exist in all religions. This is very general in nature.


Some people find spirituality in following the rules and seeing those that break the rules punished. This is the astral level of concrete mental energies. It Is where mental energy is used to follow established patterns of thought or “rules”. These people need rules to live happily. This is the level that the Koran was written for and at.


Some people find spirituality in making rules and finding the loopholes within existing rules. These are the lawyers, philosophers, mathematicians and so on. They like to solve puzzles. This is the astral level of abstract mental energies. These people need puzzles to live happily. This is the level the Jewish Kabbalah was written at.


Some people find spirituality in the unity in life where all paradox is resolved. This is where Einstein developed his theory that matter and energy are interchangeable. At this level they throw out the rules, through out the puzzles and simplify things to their essence. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”; “We are all part of one another”. This is the level where Christianity originated. This level is strongly tied to the “heart” level.


Some people find spirituality in simplicity of life and living. They have love in their hearts for all things. The thing is that this “passion” and “love” can be turned to evil purpose if the “mind” has become “superior”. This is the religion of the heart and understood by all peoples of the world. It exists within all religions of the world.


In this it might be stated that the true purpose of all religion is to subdue the mental and bring it back under the rule of the heart. This is my understanding.


In regards to Weishaupt, I would say that my system says that seven three dimensional non-physical levels exist in perfect balance with a physical world of three dimensions. This is different than the Bavarian view. The fourth dimension is the Upper Emotonal level of the heart center and the fifth dimension is the first level of mental energies, Concrete mental energies, that of the Koran, ironically; that of joy in following rules and seeing those that don’t follow the rules punished.


My own experience and understanding has shown me that it is disaster to live in only one level and call that the true level. Awareness must exist in all levels in a healthy and balanced manner, ruled by the normal human ego or “observer self” which is created in fourth density.


I see normal human awareness existing in the present moment in fourth density or the heart level with the lower levels representing the past and the higher levels representing the future as both being plastic. By functioning at the higher and lower levels we can bring changes to our fourth density present moment awareness. The world that surrounds us or seems to surround us is a hologram half created by ourselves and half created by the collective life around us. It is the manifestation of where our inner world meets the inner world of other life forms and shows us the result.


I enjoy this answering of questions and wonder if it would be alright to post your questions and these answers on  my blog so others may enjoy them as well?




Hi Joe,

Of course you can post these on your blog.

But who/what punishes the ones who didn’t follow the rules? Don’t say they punish themselves! May be they contribute (allow) by half. Who/what consciousness is the other half?

Warm regards.



Some people find spirituality in following the rules and seeing those that break the rules punished. This is the astral level of concrete mental energies. It Is where mental energy is used to follow established patterns of thought or “rules”,

I remembered the theory of bi-cameral brain, the persons who have the bi-cameral brain are actually happy when they’re told to do something by an ”authority”. They readily follow the rules. As far as I remember it is a connection miss of left and right half of the brain. And about 65% of all humanity are bi-cameral!

I think it was an intended attempt put into human DNA by someone who created Homo Sapiens…god? The punisher?

”Some people find spirituality in making rules and finding the loopholes within existing rules. These are the lawyers, philosophers, mathematicians and so on. They like to solve puzzles. This is the astral level of abstract mental energies. These people need puzzles to live happily. This is the level the Jewish Kabbalah was written at.”


Is it written to keep them busy at that level, rather than help them to progress?


Warm regards.



That is very perceptive! One of the best ways to make someone harmless is to have them put all their life force into infinite regression type questions such as “How many angels can sit on the end of a pin?” or “What happens when you die?” Of course in today’s world the favorite method of rendering someone harmless is to have them pour their life force into video games and television. It is not the going into one’s head that is important; but the integration of the head energy with physical reality. That is what the powers that be are afraid of.


Remember simplicity is what allows the energy to build so that manifestation can happen. Complexity where things are so complex that energy is continually lost is the enemy. The balance needs to be just perfect for things to be complex enough to allow you personal freedom of expression, but not so complex that your energy can not ever be focused.




Thanks for allowing these to be posted and feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Others will be interested in them as well. Of course the ones that follow the rules are the ones that punish those that don’t follow the rules. The “good” always punish the “evil”. But what happens in a world where “good” vs “evil” does not exist but instead becomes “male” vs “female”? That is the challenge of today’s new world. The true nature of duality is not good/evil but male/female.






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